We are established in Christ through the Spirit. “In Christ” is a powerful legal and forensic term. Because we often do not understand the power of this, we try to establish our own righteousness. Once we are established in Christ by the Holy Spirit, He then anoints us and we become ‘christed’ or an anointed one. The Holy Spirit’s ministry is firstly TO us and then THROUGH us. He also seals everything of Christ in us and authenticates us as being anointed and genuine Christians – heavenly approved. The Holy Spirit also is the earnest, guarantee or pledge of the fulness of our redemption. The Holy Spirit imparts to us the Christ-life, produces the Christ-fruit, reveals everything which is of Christ, imparts to- and endues us with Christ’s power, He is the presence of Christ in- and with us. He is the comforter and advocate who is in us, who calls out to the advocate above the deep things which we cannot articulate. The word anointing means to rub or smear and the anointing from the Spirit renews your faith (shield of faith) even as the leather shields in the past would be rubbed with oil to make them viable again. The Holy Spirit is also the Spirit of burning who burns with fire, zeal, compassion, love, comfort. He is also the eternal Spirit, the Spirit of grace, the Spirit of glory and illumination. He is the Spirit who brings us through our trials and achieves for us an eternal weight of glory. The Holy Spirit is also the glory, the tangible presence of God. The Holy Spirit is sensitive, we need to learn how to respect, honour and value Him and focus, hunger and desire for Him in order to provide the right environment for Him to manifest in glory. The Holy Spirit inspires and enables us to worship God and minister as priests unto Him.