There is an apparent conflict in the manifestation of the nature of God in His dealings with mankind. He is love, grace and mercy, but also holiness, (as reflected in the Law) righteousness and justice. There were two streams of revelation of who God is to the world, firstly to Israel through His Word and secondly to the gentiles through the created universe. Creation revealed his eternal power and divine nature. The inherent morality which does exist in mankind despite a lack of knowledge of the Law is also a proof that there is a God. Everyone who has never heard the gospel nor has no knowledge of the Law will eventually be judged according to his/her response to the revelation of the Godhood in these two areas. Those who had received the written Law given by God will be judged in accordance to their obeying the Law (which was found to be impossible). In conclusion everyone is guilty of legally and morally being criminals and sinning against a righteous and just God. Into this scenario Jesus came as atonement and propitiation for our sins, which was a legal as well as a moral fulfillment of the Law of God. Before Christ we were married to the Law, an abusive and tyrannical partner. Now we are in a mystical and legal union through our marriage to Christ. Being in Him, we have died with him to the Law, of which He was a representative before His death. There are now legally and righteously no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. We are no longer condemned to be in a body which acknowledges God but cannot serve Him, but we can now be master over sin, be free of a guilty conscience and we are judged by God as righteous and without damnation. What Jesus did on the cross fulfilled God’s legal requirements in accordance with His justice, as well as His moral requirements, because it was a demonstration of His love. Everything which God did through Christ was legal and moral, because legally He put us in right standing with him and morally He changed us – it means that there is no charge against us, we have complete acquittal. Any effort to set yourself right with God through your own works is an illegal act. The greatest honour you can pay to God is to accept the forgiveness through the cross.