There are pitfalls in our relationship with God wherein we can move from relational to mechanical. We need to have a heart-relationship with God. An early warning sign that person’s connection with God has become compromised, is a callousness of heart when you are in His presence and your emotions are untouched. At all costs that connection must be kept alive, because that is your life-line, especially in times of distracting difficulties and trials and even in times of financial abundance. A second warning sign is when you stop caring about anything and anyone and thirdly, when everything just feels mechanical, routine, boring and passion is lacking and you become impersonal when you refer to Jesus. The next warning sign is when you find it hard to believe the best about people and situations, in other words your outlook on life is one of pessimism. You have no compassion enabling you to help others because you are totally focused on yourself and your problems. It is all about your heart! It is dangerous to accept this kind of relationship with God as normal. Break the mechanical patterns and get the freshness of a heart-relationship back. The response from God to your little steps to re-connect will be overwhelming. When you are connected with Him, you will speak with His breath into situations and that is powerful. Your prayers will be powerful. Those that KNOW their God shall be strong and do great exploits.