We are all Sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus. We are in a loving family relationship with God. The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of adoption, makes us what Jesus is. Being legal Sons of God by being in Christ, we also have legal rights. Anything less than what Christ has obtained for us on the cross, is an injustice. We are fully righteous in Christ in accordance to the righteousness which was required by the Law. Jesus was, with his baptism and the Holy Spirit coming upon Him at about the age of 30, acknowledged by the Father as a mature, adopted son in accordance to the Jewish definition of adoption. We are baptised in Sonship by the Holy Spirit of adoption from out of the place of being a slave to fear, to a place of knowing the love of the Father – free from fear of judgment. Being led by the Spirit out of the old death-life and into the new Spirit-life, is being a Son of God. A key to walk in the Spirit is to have your mind set on the thinking of the Spirit and the Father about you, thoughts of righteousness, sonship, purity, God’s faithfulness etc. instead of fleshly desires and thoughts. The mind is the switch – what your mind is full of, will determine whether you walk in the Spirit (life and peace) or the flesh (death and hostility to God’s thinking). The Spirit helps us to mortify the works of the flesh and thus inherit the immortality of our bodies. The Spirit within, the advocate, is constantly witnessing to us that we are children of God. This all is in a process and the Spirit in us as well as creation is travailing, to see us walking in what is our portion, the full stature of Christ. The word ‘led’ consists of three parts – firstly being led as a child is being taught and trained, secondly leading by connecting person to person since the Holy Spirit is living within you, and thirdly being led and guided when you are totally oblivious or blind. We need to be led by the Holy Spirit.