The Spirit speaks to Sons whereas the Law speaks to servants. Jesus was the true caring, loving shepherd who came at the time of the latter rain, in other words the time of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Jesus came into the sheepfold in a legitimate manner, born of a woman, whereas the enemy did not. Jesus says that his sheep hear his voice. There is one sheepfold and one Shepherd, not Israel and gentiles, but one sheepfold. There is a tone to God’s voice which is going out and to hear his voice we need to invest time in a relationship with Him. In order to hear God’s voice, firstly, become still before Him, He will not compete for your attention. Be quiet and listen – by practising to be still on the inside, you will be able to also hear God’s voice during the business of everyday life. Secondly, read the Word, wherein God can quicken a verse and speak to you because the Word is Spirit and Life. You will discover wisdom which comes from the Word and can be applied to your everyday life. The Word is God’s boundaries for all theory – anything contradicting the Word and the Spirit of the Word is wrong.