God really wants us to know Him and has done everything in His power to make this possible to us, and He is continuously drawing us nearer to Him through worship, the Word and ministry. But, we also need to be still and know that He is God – invest in intimate times where there are only Him and you. Don’t let circumstances define God to you and change your perception of God’s goodness. To ‘know’ according to the Hebrew meaning of the word, is to know someone personally and have an intimate relationship with the person. The word ‘still’ means to be weak, to let go and release. God’s glory is manifested through our weaknesses and his power is made perfect therein. Embrace your weaknesses and allow God to use that for His glory. During times of weakness and difficulties, we need to be still and allow God to give us strength and wisdom. When you become silent, you learn to listen. Practical steps to become silent are: Write down the things occupying your mind and set it aside to deal with later, embrace the atonement of the cross and deal with all condemning thoughts, let your motivation for being still before Him be pure i.e. seeking HIM instead of an experience, and be led by faith instead of feelings. Practice plus the grace of God will help you learn how to become still. Do not limit God to one kind of experience. After having done everything in fighting a battle, become still before Him and allow Him to fight for you. The God who sees you in the secret place with reward you openly.