The image which you have of yourself will reflect in your life, determining your finances, health, relationships and the way you react to your circumstances. We need to get our image from the way in which God sees us from the Word instead of from life experiences – for instance, upbringing, poverty, health issues, crimes committed, etc. Failure to do that will result in a life of failure and fear – we need to speak to circumstances in accordance to who we are. The real you cannot is fearless and cannot be threatened by anything. We were shaped from out of God and filled with His image. We are His family, kind and offspring. To get to know who we are, we firstly need to know who our Father is, and that happens as you get to know Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, who confirms our sonship. Thereby we are being transformed from glory to glory, revealing the Christ within. From Adam up to Jesus, no-one really understood who God was and no-one revealed Him because of the veil that was put upon man by the serpent when Adam and Eve believed his lies. Only Jesus, the image and Son of God, could reveal who the Father really was and had been from the beginning. All men have sinned and fallen short of God’s opinion of their true value, which is Christ in us – the hope of Glory. The cross is where the veil of lies was removed so that we could see how valuable our lives are to God. When we reveal the truth of who they really are to people, it will lead them to wholeness and repentance.