We have the Holy Spirit in us and are anointed, appointed and sealed by Him. Jesus received the person of the Holy Spirit without limitation. When you are anointed with the Holy Spirit, it is with a Person, not just a power or a force. When the person of the Holy Spirit comes upon you, something changes. It is amazing that the person of the Holy Spirit can be encapsulated in oil called the anointing oil, so much so that kings, priests and prophets were inaugurated and anointed with oil. When that happened something transpired, qualifying kings to rule and reign, priests to minister and prophets to prophesy. It is something miraculous and mystical, above and beyond physical properties, almost like the miracle of the communion. The anointing consecrates and sets you apart, defining you as being different, a saint. The anointing also illuminates and imparts authority and gives us abilities which we did not have before, as well as power. The purest anointing oil which comes from the first pressing of the olives, (virgin oil) is used for illumination; the oil from the second pressing is for anointing the sick, i.e. for medicine and the oil from the third pressing is used for soap (or cleansing) which is all symbolic of the perfect work Jesus did on the cross. The anointing oil was made out of olive oil with the addition of myrrh, sweet cinnamon, sweet calamus and cassia. Anointing oil was only meant for Israel, (the Holy Spirit is only poured out on believers) and not for anointing flesh, but the garments of the priests (not for natural, only spiritual people clothed with the garments of salvation). Anointing with oil can bring blessing, healing, financial breakthrough, restoration, and fruitfulness. We need the oil of the Holy Spirit. We need that awareness of our connection with God through the Holy Spirit.