Our identity does not really come from our skills or talents. Everything in our lives is determined by our perception of who God is. Exodus 20:7 can be directly translated from the Hebrew as “do not present the character of the Lord your God falsely”, so it means more than saying His Name wrong, applying it wrongly or just using it as a swear word. When God created man he placed a representation of Himself in man who has absorbed God’s light. Our identity lies in being one with God. In the history of Jacob we learn the lesson that he was obedient to God, but did not trust God. When you get emptied out like Jacob and God keeps on pushing and twisting until there is absolutely no moisture left and you are dust it means that, like with Jacob, you need to be emptied of everything which you have kept for your own safety – your own strength, talents, skill sets – until your only need is to be filled completely with the water which is God. We need to meditate on the Word of God and to trust in Him only – that is the water which we need. We have to stand in that water and constantly absorb it to be righteous, like the cells of a plant which are filled with water and thus standing up or is elevated and not wilted. We need to not only obey, but also trust God and let our faith carry us instead of the other way around. The answers to restore our shattered dreams are in a revelation of who we really are and how much of ourselves we have held on for so long so that we can learn to let go and let God’s perfect plan come into being through His love for us.