From the time of after the birth, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus there was a 40-year period (a generation) – called the patience of Christ during which God extended the time for the Jews to repent which comes up to 70 A.D. when Jerusalem was destroyed. Paul talks about this 40-year time period when he is talking about the time when some will depart from the faith and give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. That happened then, because the enemy was trying to prevent people from entering the Kingdom which God was establishing at that time. In our day we also, should be careful to be grounded and established in the Word and stay with simple, correct doctrine and not be swayed by spectacular and titillating winds of doctrine coming through the extensive media of the day. This is also in our day the enemy’s reaction to what God is doing now. We are getting closer and closer to the time of the appearance of Christ. Anyone who tampers with the person of Jesus who was fully man and fully God – that is a doctrine of demons. Another example of this is the conscienceless and unscriptural doctrine of the rapture – a doctrine of demons. Another false and unbiblical doctrine is the one which lies a law upon people forbidding them to marry, as if a life of celibacy is somehow more holy, which has resulted in the abuse of children taking place in the church which practiced this doctrine. Marriage is God’s plan, not something which is unholy. The unhealthy obsession of the Church with all things Jewish is another false doctrine. God loves the Jews and has got a plan for them, which plan is for them to be saved by accepting Christ. The Church does not have to become Jewish. There is an antidote to being put into the bondage which comes through believing doctrines of demons, seducing spirits, garbage and silliness, empty formulas and profane old wives’ tales. This antidote is to be spiritually nourished and exercised in Godliness by daily saturating yourself in the Word of God, words of faith, purity and sound doctrine. This gives you strength and discernment to withstand deception. Exercise godliness by earnestly developing yourself in wholesome, uplifting conversation. Walk as a heavenly being and thus counter the evil in the world by your lifestyle. Love and encourage people and control your spirit to act and live in purity like Christ, unlike the world which has no moral values anymore. Neglect not the gift God has made you to be unto the Body of Christ and nourish them therewith. There is an irreverence in the world towards the Church because of the silly doctrines being preached and resulting powerlessness, which needs to end. We need to take our place of impacting the world by our godliness.