The only proof that Jesus gave of being the Son of God, was that He was operating in the power of God. In Genesis we read that heaven (or the spiritual dimension) was created first by God. We were all first created in heaven and earth was created for us to manifest in. Whenever we believe, we are taken out of the earthly realm and put into the eternal or spirit realm. God is looking for people who can not only hear, but also do the Word which He is speaking. We need to listen what God says about us, speaking and prophesying that and disregard negative things which people are saying. When you are waiting for God to do something in your life pray and give Him the facts about it, so that the truth can change the facts. At such a time, it is good to give that which is scarce in your life as an offering to God (under His instruction), so that that which is impossible in the earthly realm, can be brought into manifestation here from out of the heavenly. We see an example of this in the Bible when Elijah had to pour water, which was a scarcity in the time of drought, over the offering in order to give God water to form the clouds which broke the drought over the country. God uses what you have in your hands. Thus the natural and supernatural work together. To access the power of God, you need to send His word in your life back to Him, saying “Father let it be according to Thy Word”, it is that simple!