I am a spirit, I have a soul and I live in a body. When you get born again, your spirit is born from God and does not sin. Most, if not all of our problems, however, come from our soul-area which is comprised of the mind, emotions and will. That is the part of man which is conformed to the world but needs to be transformed into the image of Jesus by the renewing of the mind. The end-goal and purpose of our faith is the salvation of our souls. God is changing us by degrees in order for us to ascend out of the flesh into the spirit, into maturity and walking in pure love. The change comes through humility, having your soul weaned and calmed like that of an undemanding child, who has no need for pride, recognition and attention, does not need to defend or justify itself and has no relentless driving ambition. The end-product of this is that we are brought in line to be promoted by God. Your soul is very needy and demanding, especially during tough times. In those times we need to remember God’s mercy and faithfulness. We need to be in contact with our emotions and motives and acknowledge our need for God to become and do and not be full of pride our own accomplishments. Humility comes from the spirit and pride from the flesh. Humility is having a healthy perspective of who you are and who God is. There is no gain in trying to appease the soul with all kind of things, there is only one thing which your soul craves and needs and that is Jesus. When you can quieten the storm in the soul and trust in God, is when that which you are waiting for, will happen and when you are released for promotion by God.