When we discern that it is time for the rain to come we need to visualise it and ask for it in prayer. We need to repent and have our minds renewed, transformed and aligned with what God wants to do through the Spirit, so that He can send times of refreshing, which is the presence of God. Accepting the invitation to look intently at Jesus will enable us to progressively see more of Him and experience newness and constant transfiguration. Even as Adam had to maintain the Garden of Eden, we are instructed in the book of Proverbs to keep our hearts for out of it will flow the springs of life. God wants our hearts to be His perfect garden, where the only things which we are thinking about, are His thoughts about us, instead of the enemy’s lies. What grows in the garden of your heart is that which you delight in. When we delight in God’s thoughts, we shall be like evergreen fruit bearing trees, trees of righteousness and life planted by rivers of living water. By acknowledging the Spirit of God within us, we are rivers being sent by God into the dry and thirsty wilderness which is the world.