We are living in a time at which God is enabling and mobilizing the Church. God is calling all of us to fish for people. There is a huge harvest, but someone needs to bring it in. The world system is one or working and obtaining a reward. We, however, are part of a different system – a heavenly one. We have a God who anoints, blesses and empowers us before we go out to be a blessing and a manifestation of His glory unto the rest of the world. The glory of God is drawn towards hunger. Where there is physical abundance it is unfortunately often the case that the abundance is not stewarded correctly and people lose their hunger for God and become ungrateful and unfaithful, which is the worst thing which could happen to a Christian. It is important to always remain grateful to counter this. As believers, we can create a hunger which will result in a meeting with God. We need to abandon the nets that keep us from doing God’s perfect will for us. One of these ‘nets’ is the false identity and security which we have, for instance the one gotten from natural things – that which we own, or a title. Your bank account, however, is not a reflection of who you are. Your value is found in your purpose, and not in natural things. Your true identity is in and from Christ and when you have found that, it will enable you to serve with the right attitude. There is a difference between entrusting God with your heart and with your life. To trust Him with your life requires real honest faith and an obedient willingness to have Him in charge of everything.