When we discern that it is time for the rain to come we need to visualise it and ask for it in prayer. Even as Adam had to maintain the Garden of Eden, we are instructed in the book of Proverbs to keep our hearts for out of it will flow the springs of life. By acknowledging the Spirit of God within us, we are rivers being sent by God into the dry and thirsty wilderness which is the world. We need an awakened generation who will make a difference in the world. To make a difference, we need to serve God unreservedly with all of our hearts, because He has given us all of His heart. God is waking up the Church, bringing resurrection and a release from weariness to us in this day. We are being resurrected and released to declare the joyful sound of heaven upon the earth. We need to abandon the nets that keep us from doing God’s perfect will for us. One of these ‘nets’ is the false identity and security which we have, for instance the one gotten from natural things – that which we own, or a title. Your true identity is in and from Christ and when you have found that, it will enable you to serve with the right attitude. When we have been revived by the Lord, we need to protect that revival against tradition and religion coming from the enemy and the world system. God is pouring out His Spirit and building the Kingdom all over the world right now. We need to be a part of this Kingdom and speak life, in spite of circumstances around us.