Our righteousness is from Christ and is eternal and complete; it cannot be taken away from or added to. The Holy Spirit will continually convince you of your righteousness by giving you solid evidence thereof – which is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The salvation Jesus brought has everything to do with our life here on earth. Everything is right about you – healing, prosperity, blessing, peace – all this comes from God through the Holy Spirit, in other words, God has blessed us with Himself and our role is to believe and confess it instead of begging God for things. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Speaking God’s word brings faith to the hearer thereof. Keeping the faith in that which God had said will bring total victory. Often the process which we go through waiting for a breakthrough is actually the process of us being fully persuaded and convinced of what He says about us. When you live by faith in what God says about you, you will experience and manifest this righteousness.