We are inseparable from our words, which are powerful and an expression of who we are. Our words are authoritative and powerful when combined with faith in a truth in God’s word. The continuous repeating of the Word of God to ourselves is a way to renew our minds. We should speak out of the abundance of God’s word which we have stored up inside of us and thus be justified and impart life and healing to others. Speaking evil of a brother or sister in the Lord is something which is a communication of hell inspired by demons and you bring yourself under the judgment of the Law by doing this. Words can be extremely powerful unto evil and sway countries to war like those of Hitler did with Germany or positive and sway a country to victory as the words of Winston Churchill did to Britain in the Second World War. The person, who masters his tongue, is mature and powerfully prophetic. As the book of Proverbs says – life and death is in the power of the tongue. God is always listening to what we speak because it matters to Him – He is watching over His word in our mouths to perform it. He is watching and listening for the words of repentance instead of self-justification from our mouths, in order to extend forgiveness. We need to learn to speak less and listen more, think and judge before we speak if that which we want to say is really necessary, speak wisely, peacefully, with reconciliation, gracefully, lovingly, encouragingly, beneficial in building up and wholesome. Use words to disarm strife and bring peace in relationships.