What we agree with in our lives will have an influence over us and the one or what we submit to, will rule over us. We have agreed with the truth which Jesus brought and lovingly submitted to His lordship over us. Jesus did have all authority before He became part of humankind because He was with God and He was God, but laid it down and emptied himself to be born as a man, thereby identifying himself with us. As a man He submitted unto the greatest enemy of mankind, which is death, and conquered it. After the cross Jesus regained total and all authority in heaven and on earth as a man (a Son-King authority) and He delegated to us this same authority when He commissioned us to go and make disciples of all nations. We need to have the same mind as Jesus and that is that we have been raised up through our faith in Jesus Christ and his blood to be gods, to have dominion and thereby co-rule and co-reign with Him on this earth. Jesus was declared to be the Son of God with power and authority. We have the authority because of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit endows us with the power to execute God’s will and rulership on earth. We have the keys to bind and loose on earth to see everything which is in the heavens being brought into being and implemented on earth. This is our executive power and divine right – to speak on God’s behalf and see His will done on earth and finish off that which Jesus began to do. Prayer is being in partnership with God. God acts on earth through the prayers of those whom He has delegated – His Sons. This is a human-divine co-operation. Whatever exists in your world which is not reflective of the Kingdom of God, needs to be changed through the keys we were given exercised through prayer. It is your responsibility.