To understand the Kingdom, is to understand prayer. Total governance over the world was put on Jesus’ shoulders and delegated to the Church, His brothers, who have been taken from out of the dominion of satan and put into the Kingdom of light. We are His Body, who fills everything in every way. We are His feet, under whom everything has been subjected. We are about the Father’s business, which is to rule and reign – that is the purpose for which we have been delivered. We have to understand this to be able to pray effectively. We need the revelation and agree with God’s word that there is nothing on earth which is meant to rule over us because we have unlimited, incredible authority over everything (all). We have been crowned with glory and honour. Legions of angels are standing ready to act upon our prayers. God says we are gods – there are things going wrong in this world because the elohim are not using their authority to rule and reign. Our authority works by speaking – there are times to pray about and ask for things, and there are times to say and command God’s works into reality. When we speak God’s words, it sounds like His voice to the angels who are waiting to do His bidding. Rulership and great authority however, begin with ruling your own spirit or having self-control. This is measured by how you respond to criticism, correction, potential offence, ruling your own tongue, controlling your appetite, readiness to forgive, ruling over your own fears, false guilt and condemnation and low self-esteem. We need to rule over these weaknesses in ourselves in order to be effective in ruling in this world. The Christian life is a disciplined and persevering life.