When God teaches us His word, it is a seed planted inside of us to remember Him by, especially through the intimacy of meditation. Our capacity to remember enables us to relive past experiences and those are invoked by certain triggers, like for instance a certain aroma. God wants to heal us from negative memories coming from our past. This healing comes when we experience meetings with God and the Word inside becomes connected between heart and mind. We need to keep re-visiting those meetings with God and reliving them to empower them again and again. Remember who God is to you, that is He is good, that He has power to create everything from nothing, His powerful Word sustains everything, He has power over death, all creation is dependent upon His presence, He has chosen us to become like Christ, He is the only sovereign, He keeps His Word and is full of grace and truth and is always faithful even when we are not and His love towards us is never-ending. He is our faithful Father. Remember also who you are, that God has formed you, knew you and set you apart for Himself as his son. When you approach God as a son, He will respond to you as a Father. Remember the prophetic words over your life. They are God’s perspective on your future in any given situation. Remember what God has done for you in the past and know that He will do that again. Remembering is extremely powerful.