Jesus came as the Son of God, divine and perfect, but his whole life was given over to and saturated in prayer – modelling for us what to do. It is important for us to understand that prayer helps us to access all the grace of God. We are Kings and Priests unto God. Our priestly ministry is to represent each other to God and God to each other. In anything which we ask from God according to his will He hears and answers us. God’s express will for us is to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ, full of the Holy Spirit and His fruit. Praying for this is the starting point and priority in prayer and from there we branch out to other needs. Prayer in- and of itself has no power – in many religions people pray – the power of prayer for the Christian lies in the power of God. Prayer is the means by which that prayer is released into our lives. Our prayers touch the throne of God and become part of God’s being, resulting in authority being released on earth. Our prayers avail much, they are powerful and effective. All that which God is and has is at the disposal of the one who prays. Prayer can do anything that God can do. Prayer is the key to a successful and blessed life and ministry to the glory of God. Prayer is a great key unto defeating the power of darkness. Prayer will keep and save us. Our prayers will exist forever. God forbid that we should sin by not praying.