The purpose of Jesus’ coming was succinctly spelled out by his name ’Joshua’ which meant ‘He is to save his people from their sins’. He was specifically anointed to save us from our sins – sin as seen from the viewpoint of a holy God, not our prideful and self-justifying one. In the incredible grace and condescension of God manifested to us by Jesus’ coming, His first point of contact with us was not based on our goodness, intellect, intrinsic value or worthiness, but on the fact that we are sinners. That was mankind’s specific, direct need. In the Old Testament there were many a fore-shadowing of a saviour like Moses, Samuel and all the judges who led Israel. They, however, could only deliver Israel from the consequences of sin but never from the horrible evil of sin itself, like Jesus did when He came. Jesus also delivered us from the punishment of- and the pollution of sin, as well as the inclination or tendency to sin. He lastly delivered us from apostasy, so that we are enabled to serve and love Him forever. He healed and changed us – a total salvation. This gift is for everyone who believes.