Jesus said that everybody in the Old Testament prophesied up until the time of John the Baptist. In the Book of Revelation John is talking about the days of the seventh angel who carried out his instructions – this took place around the crucifixion of Jesus. With the completion of his sound the mystery of God was complete. In other words, the work of Jesus on the cross was finished. When that happened something changed, and that is why it is written that time shall be no more and why Jesus told the disciples that it is not for them to know the time of the second coming. Throughout the Old Testament everything happened at a specific times, for example the prophetic feasts and sacrifices. However, God is not on a specific timetable any more. In the light of this, we are enabled through what Jesus did on the cross, to access at any time any blessing of God – it is no longer something that is necessarily time-specific – in other words, God does not only work in the time span from January to December of a specific year, but He does so all the time to see His purpose fulfilled in us. By walking in the Spirit we can have whatever we need in 2020. God’s purpose and focus is the Church, the Body of Christ and the five-fold ministry has been given as gifts to the Church to see that we all come to the full measure of the full stature of Christ and that this conformation to Christ comes to completion. God is at work with the Body of Christ, raising us up more and more in authority unto completion – the place where even death is subject to us. What we have to do in this year is to fervently and passionately pursue God with the purpose of gaining this completeness in Christ.