We do not base our excitement for 2020 on various prophetic words, although they are an excellent reminder, but we need to realise that all the good things promised to us in God’s word are available to us all the time and that they are not seasonal or occasional. We reach for the fulfilment of all these things by being grounded in God’s word and ways. – Pastor John

The new year does not only indicate the progression of time, but also new hope. God loves us with a zealous love. Zeal means to have a strong, intense devotion, enthusiasm and commitment to something. God’s zeal also encompasses tenderness, care and compassion for us. He begs us to stay in this protection of his zealous love. Zeal provokes jealousy. God made an everlasting covenant with King David because he was zealous for God. That promise was fulfilled in Christ. God also made a covenant with Phineas, because of his zeal, of an everlasting priesthood. This was also fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Because of His zeal for us, God has made a new and everlasting covenant with us to rejoice over us to do good to us. The whole of the universe speaks of the hope which we have in this awesome covenant. The zeal of the Lord will perform this. – André Blignaut

We need to get ready for the new year and do our part in making the prophetic words spoken over 2020 come into fulfillment. To make this new year different from all the previous years, we need to do things differently, get involved in serving in God’s activities in some way, embrace change (through acknowledging it, adjusting and accepting the change), guard our hearts against offence and clothe ourselves with hearts of mercy, gentleness, kindness and patience – bearing with- and forgiving one another – following the example of love which was shown to us by Christ Jesus. This is the year in which we are going to choose to enjoy the presence of God, prayer, praise, worship and the word. With joy we shall draw water out of the wells of salvation. – Johan Dormehl