God is looking for worshippers, because worship is an indication of where your heart is. The word ‘praise’ means ‘to ascribe value to something or someone and then to describe that value’. The word ‘worship’ means ‘ascribing worth-ship to someone’, in other words, declaring that person totally worthy of your adoration. Many people teach that praise is about God and worship is to God. Praise is usually associated with exuberant loudness and worship with softer, meaningful expression, but a person could be in worship while being in a state of praise at the same time, as well as the other way around. Praise always begins out of contemplation and the revelation of the TRUTH of who God is. Praise comes out of a humble and child-like heart. All of creation has a voice with which it praises God – how much more us, the redeemed! God is a god of majesty, holy, imminent, omnipresent, omniscient, sovereign, providential, beautiful, kind, faithful, righteous, patient and full of goodness. It is in particular through God’s wisdom, love and power (which are the works of God) that He was brought to His saving work, which is the redemption of humankind. That shows his involvement, concern and care for us. The contemplation and revelation of His vast love for us, the benefits which He bestows on us and the resulting inner emotion of gratitude and joy is the basis for our praise. Out of our praise flows thanksgiving. Praise needs to be vocalised and it has an attribute of bringing people together in a joyful utterance of music and physical reactions like for instance clapping of hands or dancing towards God. Praise is incredibly attractive to Him.