Initially in the Old Testament the priests were anointed for the singular purpose of being set apart and sanctified for their office. Later we also see kings and prophets being set apart and anointed for their office, endowing them with a divine enhancement of natural abilities and an enablement to do things which were impossible before. When Jesus was baptised in the Holy Spirit, He was empowered into His ministry and this was immediately recognised by the devil as well as the needy people around him. The same is true of us when we get baptised in the Holy Spirit. We are all graciously endowed, enabled and qualified with and by divine gifts to operate in the designated area for which we were called, as we also see in the life of the apostle Paul. This does not necessarily exclude studying and training. Training can direct the anointing and make it more efficient. We need to be satisfied to operate and function in the place where God has anointed us to be, because that is where we will be effective. This is also the place where we can operate with ease, boldness, confidence, power and authority. The anointing gives us divine wisdom to operate in this area as well as the willingness, enthusiasm and energy to do so. Through the anointing we have the power and ability to set people free.