Being in the ministry is not a job, but a function of raising up spiritual sons and daughters to fulfil their mandate in the purpose of God. For that purpose grace is needed and outrageous grace always start with me first – it needs to be experienced, bringing a change of heart, a pattern, before it can be extended to others. For outrageous grace to be preached is a divine enablement. Becoming this pattern works in two stages, namely spending a lifetime in pursuing the goal of getting to know who God is and getting to know what task God has for you. We are saved by grace unto works. Grace comes in four parts, firstly from the Father which comes with an enablement to fulfil an assignment; secondly it comes from the Holy Spirit to empower us. Thirdly grace came from Jesus, wherein He imparted all his gifts to the Church in the form of the five-fold ministry. Fourthly there is the grace which comes from a fellow-Christian when you partake of the grace which is upon that person.