When Jesus came, his purpose was to reveal God as Our compassionate, tender, loving and comforting Father, instead of a distant, uninterested God. God, being in Jesus, experienced every human trial which we go through and can empathise with our weaknesses. God is for us and always with us, whether we experience His presence emotionally or not. He will always provide an escape and deliverance in times of trial. These times of trial are there for us to have an opportunity and training to remember the word and humbly praise God regardless, because God is being kind and gracious to you to reveal to you and deliver you from things in your own heart which are keeping you from victory and maturity. To pass on praise to others where it is due, speaks of maturity and grace. Let us boast and put our glory only in the Lord and His goodness because without Him we can do nothing, but in Christ Jesus we can do all things. Praising God gives us a fixed point on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, keeping us steady throughout all the trials of life. Praise makes you positive, more objective and active. We need to develop a life-style of praise, starting with the little things and constantly walking in forgiveness, totally trusting in our Father with a child-like faith. Part of praise is to constantly remind yourself of all the good things which God had done for you.