Psalm 1 stands as the doorkeeper to the rest of the psalms, and it says that in order to be blessed one should not walk in evil, but meditate on the Lord. The rest of the psalms weave you through the entire tapestry of life and what your response should be like in every circumstance. The book of Psalms ends with an ascending crescendo of all-encompassing praise unto God, done with words and instruments. Throughout the Bible high praise is not silent, matter-of-fact, routine, learned by rote, or religious but heart-felt, clamorous, exuberant and ecstatic. With the high praises of God in our mouths, we are assured of victory. High praise is militant and powerful and God has given us the honour to execute judgment on spiritual forces of darkness by our high praises unto Him. High praise consists of words of wonder and awe about God, it is a new song revealing new truth as well as a fresh revelation about old truths. High praise is getting lost in God and being unaware of yourself. Worshipping God is done in Spirit and based on scriptural truth – that constitutes high praise, declaring back to God who He is with words of faith. A part of faith-praise means that that which you stand for has not happened yet, but you believe it will and you keep on praising God for it. High praise is heart-felt, emotional and devotional because it comes from deep conviction and not mental assent. Let us believe God and praise Him and thereby see victory in our lives instead of being depressed!