When Jacob wrestled with a man, this man was God himself – which proves that we have been created in the image of God. As Jacob did, we also have permission to wrestle with God. At the burning bush in Exodus 3, God spoke to Moses face to face but Moses hid his face, because he was afraid. In Exodus 33 Moses again spoke to God face to face without fear, because he had built a relationship with God based on real-life events which had changed his life. Face to face communication with each other is very important in this life, because if we cannot master this by practising it, how will we be able to communicate with God – whom we cannot see? By becoming deeply and intimately acquainted with God and recognising and understanding His ways more clearly, we will find grace and favour in His sight and everything we ask from Him, will be granted to us. To get to know our Father better, we need to rest upon his bosom, because there his voice resonates on a different level. The secret to get to know Him better is to listen and take comfort in Him. A moment in the Father’s presence will change everything for you.