Jesus needed to be circumcised, go through the baptism of repentance officiated by John the Baptist and eventually go to the cross to fulfil all of God’s requirements for righteousness. Even as He did, we also need to serve God in His way, not ours. Water baptism needs to take place publically, because it is not only a re-enactment of our salvation, but something which seals the deal. Water baptism replaces circumcision, and in the process thereof the sinful flesh or nature is cut away from our hearts. Going through water baptism is an act of obedience to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in your life as well as an act of fulfilling all righteousness. To disobey means that the counsel of God is being rejected and all righteousness is not being fulfilled and that person’s spiritual revelation and growth is stymied. We need to get established in doing all that which God requires of us. When Jesus obeyed God’s requirements by getting baptised, the heavens were opened or split apart to him. God will also violently tear open heaven for everyone who fulfils His requirements unto righteousness, causing us to be living in the heavenlies – a place of wholeness, affirmation and healing to our souls because we are being accepted by God as sons. This is a place of extreme powerfulness and blessedness, an uninterrupted flow of resources and a ceaseless supply of the Holy Spirit, God having His habitation with you. God rips open the heavens to be involved in your life and you become a conduit from the heavens to earth.