Jesus is our righteousness – He was the ransom for our sins and we are in complete right standing with God. That being the case, why do we need holiness? God instructed us (or stated our position) in the book of Leviticus to be holy, because He is holy. A person manifesting holiness is someone who is manifesting the character of God, infused by His Word. It is a person who has gotten rid of all the chaff in his/her personality by going through the process of being trampled upon and sacrifice – a process of perfecting holiness. It is a person who is full of grace and truth – being gracious to others at the sacrifice of your own liberty. God sees us as being holy and thus will only use us for the purpose towards which we have been sanctified – we are safe in His hands. To be holy, we need to be focused, efficient, aligned with the Word of God, determined, fully adapted, wholly synchronized, bursting with light and zest, have authority, have godly knowledge and have health and heal others. Holiness is a life pleasing to God on all levels.