The whole purpose of Jesus’ coming was to submit to the plan of the Father, fulfilling all righteousness. He submitted fully unto the Father as the Son becoming a suffering servant, giving up His divine attributes and immense rights. He committed himself from before eternity to do this. Although a suffering servant, the offices which Jesus had were those of prophet, priest and king – which offices were confirmed by God during the baptism Jesus went through in obedience to fulfil all righteousness. As a King He operated in the manifesto of the Kingdom which He pronounced, which was justice, tenderness, gentleness, kindness, and mercy. As a prophet He introduced (and fulfilled) the new blessed laws of the Kingdom. As a priest, He taught people and prayed for them in reverent submission unto the Father. As a priest He also was the sacrifice, offering His own blood on the cross. During the temptation Jesus went through in the wilderness, the enemy tried to get Him to bypass the suffering of the cross, to tempt God by going beyond the proper way of scripture and short-circuit the principles of God – this is also our temptation. Every Christian wants the end result of seeing prophecy and scripture fulfilled, but only a few will pursue scripture to the end. A part of fulfilling all righteousness is humbly serving in the Kingdom of God – the route to greatness. Rightness with God will bring about fulfilment of scripture. In our environment which is a culture of permissiveness, it is important for us to not live according to the culture of doing ‘my will’, (which is idolatry) but in accordance to- and in obedience to the Word and will of God while hungering after the fulfilment of all righteousness. We will receive God’s blessings when we fulfil all righteousness by following His principles. Let us drink of the well of the Spirit inside and spend time with God and become God-confident through the understanding of His love for us. The world is looking for Christians who not only speak, but also live the beautiful message which we preach.