There were many, many credible witnesses to the fact that Jesus had risen. We need to know the power of Jesus’ resurrection. Mary saw two angels at the place where Jesus’ body had been placed, symbolizing that Jesus had become the ark of the covenant – He was now the new atonement and mercy seat, the place of reconciliation. The resurrection of Jesus appeared to be so improbable to his disciples, but when they accepted it, they moved with great power and grace in ministering to the world. Even so, we also need to be prepared for the improbable, the impossible and the miraculous in our lives through the power of His resurrection and the fact that He is with us, in us and will work through us, even at the worst of times. The resurrection proved that Jesus was exactly who He said He was – the Son of God, that the penalty for our sins was paid in full making us Sons of God as well. The resurrection is also the guarantee that God will raise us up to immortal, eternal life. By his resurrection, Jesus became the active, living head of His Body, which is us. His resurrection also guarantees His appearing and our full bodily redemption and ultimate justice. Jesus is our Savior, our hope, Lord and Christ, the Son of the living God