In the period between Jesus’ resurrection and the day of Pentecost, Jesus was really busy, lovingly and graciously explaining His death, resurrection, His kingdom and confirming that He had risen from the dead. His appearance to the travelers to Emmaus was probably to show that he was no longer to be known after the flesh, but the Spirit, his appearance to Peter was that of a saviour, high Priest and shepherd, forgiving him for his denial of Jesus and re-instating Peter in his commission. He appeared to his half-brother James, instating him as an apostle. James’ heart was changed through this appearance from being a bit cynical about who Jesus was and he became known as James the Just, or James the Righteous – a bold, powerful and influential man of prayer and stature in the Church. We should also be reaching out towards visitations from Jesus, especially during this time of lockdown, because He loves us and cares for us.