The time of the destruction of Jerusalem in AD70 was the time of Christ’s second coming in judgment, as well as the time of the great tribulation. The visions and dreams written about in the Book of Daniel were all about God’s plans and intentions for- and the future of Israel, not us. The statue and beasts coming out of the sea were symbolic of successive future kingdoms, and correlates with the beasts in the Book of Revelation. The prophecy in Daniel is what the disciples were referring to, when asking Jesus about the end of the word. The prophecy talks about 70 weeks (490 years) pertaining to Israel and Jerusalem. The first 7 weeks were about the rebuilding of Jerusalem, then the 62 weeks (added to the first 7 = 69 or 483 years) goes up to the time of Messiah. The 70th week follows immediately thereafter, not 2000 years later – it is about Jesus, the Holy One who was made manifest and revealed by God as the Holy Spirit descended upon Him at His baptism, at the exact time prophesied by Daniel. Jesus was cut of 3½ years into his ministry after He had been baptised – making an end to sin and unrighteousness.. Jesus’ life sealed (verified) the vision of Daniel. The gospel of the Kingdom of God within a person was also a mystery to the prophets, but it was revealed through Jesus. In the book of Revelation John sees all the things written in Daniel coming to pass and the angel tells him to not seal it up, because the time was at hand. John had these visions very close to AD70. The sealed book written about in Revelation 5 was opened by the lamb, pointing to the crucified Christ who had to conquer and bring judgment on Jerusalem and bring to an end the whole sacrificial system which the Jews had corrupted and perverted, even being called the Synagogue of Satan in the Book of Revelation. The interpretation of the seals, trumpets and vials spoken of in the Book of Revelation, are as follows: The seals were about the judgment being poured out on the people of Jerusalem, the trumpets were about the city and the vials were judgment being poured out on the temple. All this destruction was prophesied over Israel in the Song of Moses.