Jesus instructed his disciples to wait in Jerusalem until they had received power. Waiting patiently is something which we need to learn, because no-one likes to lose control over their lives. Our biggest battles are often during long periods of waiting, when we have to fight to keep all the negative emotions of fear and anxiety at bay. Waiting could also be frustrating and many people try to help God when things don’t happen when expected and thus negate the plan of God for them. God, however, has a pattern, which is: the word plus waiting equals manifestation. Instead of fretting and looking around at circumstances, He wants us to quieten our hearts, get the peace that comes through faith in his character, praising him with songs in the night and to stand strong, taking courage. The disciples had to wait 10 days – which is a time of submission with a view to receiving privilege and responsibility. How we wait determines how long we will wait. Waiting on God is not passive. We need to wait strategically, cultivating good fruit such as patience, perseverance and endurance. We need to believe that the God, who saved us, loves us deeply and is intimately involved in our lives, has the best in store for us and hears our prayers. The cross is the guarantee that God is for us, and committed to us. We also need to have the grace to understand that God will sometimes say ”not yet” or even “no”. Make sure that the promise you are waiting for is in accordance to- and in the spirit of the promises given in Word of God. During the times of waiting for God, there is much power in staying steadfastly in prayer and thanksgiving and waiting with expectancy and being prepared for an answer. Meditation on and confession of God’s goodness are a team during a time of waiting. Blessed are all who wait for God.