The Holy Spirit is the gift which had been promised. He also brings to fulfillment all the promises of God in our lives. The day of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was the birth of the Church, the new covenant or testament. In the Jewish culture the day of Pentecost was a day of great celebration, rejoicing and happiness. This was a foreshadowing of Jesus’ eternal abode in the heart of every believer. On the day of Pentecost it was the first time in human history that God came to indwell human beings. It was a supernatural, powerful, forceful and energetic occurrence. He is the dynamo and energizer in our lives. Being baptized in the Spirit unifies people from all nations, making us Christians. There are two aspects to the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Firstly the person being baptized is put into Christ, and secondly, simultaneously, Christ is placed into him/her. We need to constantly keep on filling up the Spirit within us, because the Spirit within us is an ever-increasing glory. The heavenly tongues spoken on the Day of Pentecost was a sign to Israel that the old had gone and that the new was come. Tongues were also a sign of the unifying of all nations as one City, the heavenly Jerusalem in Christ, in contrast to the division which came through the language confusion which God implemented at the Tower of Babel. The Church was established here as mount Zion, the chief of all mountains, the light of the world. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit was firstly the arrival of Jesus’ indwelling presence and secondly the empowering of the Church for the mission of being witnesses of Jesus Christ as well as the enablement to live the day-to-day Christian life. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of glory, grace and truth and He has a ministry to-, in- and through us. He is always with us, helps us, convinces us of our sonship, anoints us, sanctifies us, removes our loneliness by grafting us into a local Church, gives our lives a purpose and destiny and enables us to fulfill it. Jesus called us to live a supernatural life and endued us with this supernatural person who enables us.://
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