The post-Pentecost church or apostolic community was a totally different group of people from what they were before the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Through the Holy Spirit now indwelling them, they were a group of people who needed no forcing or cajoling to be together, but they devoted themselves to joyful fellowship and connection to each other. They devoted themselves to the apostle’s teaching, because they hungered for the word and could now understand through the Holy Spirit, the spirit in which they Old Testament had been written. They also devoted themselves to the breaking of bread, celebrating the powerful reality of Christ, participating in His death, burial and resurrection and everything that He had accomplished on the cross. They devoted themselves to fellowship, being overwhelmingly generous and genuinely loving each other with a godly love. They also devoted themselves to prayer, having experienced the power of prayer prior to Pentecost. It is important to be committed and connected to the Body of Christ, in order for the blessings which is in the Body to also flow through each individual. This New Testament Church was also a church of joy and praise, reflective of the dynamic, energizing life of the Spirit within. They were also people who joyfully and spontaneously witnessed about Jesus to others. They were positive people, an incredibly powerful church with their hope firmly fixed on the Kingdom of God, a Church who changed the whole world.
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