Our God is a supremely generous, lavish, and giving god and He blesses us abundantly according to his riches in Christ Jesus. Stewardship and finances are one of the central themes of the Bible because that is one of the means by which God blesses us. Generous people are people who often give more than required, give towards causes, give out of their substance or sacrificially, give more than just their money, give when it doesn’t make sense, to help others – even to those from whom they happen to differ. Generous people give to see the impossible become possible – even sometimes just in the form of a breakthrough seed. Generous people give out of a transformed and enlarged life, out of their own poverty, and often where others will not. Generous people are concerned about people, and therefore generously give of their time, energy, and spirit in intercession for others. Generous people are worshippers, giving their adoration freely to God. People of a generous spirit are those who are not self-focused but enjoy serving, lovingly putting the needs of others first and uplifting them. In all of this Jesus was our perfect example, when He gave his all for our salvation.
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