God has blessed us with the amazing gift of eyes, but there is one flaw to this gift, which is that our eyes can only see the physical reality around us. However, as Christians, we are enabled to see far more than this physical reality by spiritual sight, whereby we can relate to God and each other. Once one starts seeing spiritual truth, this ability becomes accumulative. Our spiritual vision is often blinded by the glare of that which the physical eyes are beholding. It is important to cherish spiritual sight which comes through the Word and the Holy Spirit. It is important to not only see what God has done in the past but to be able to see the plan which He has for our lives in the future – this enables us to dream, see visions and prophecy and declare those dreams and visions – dreams and visions of hope, life, prosperity and blessedness. Once we operate in these dreams, visions and prophecies (which God has given initially) He responds with wonders in the heavens because He is watching over his word, to perform it. Vision has got power – it gives you focus, energetic passion and motivation and will help us to channel and form priorities to change the trajectory of our lives and aim it towards the end-goal which God has purposed for us. Vision also attracts the attention of- and provision from God.