Very often we are waiting for God to do something but it could be that God is waiting for an action from us – when you move with vision, God responds with provision. We see examples of this in the Bible where it says ‘give and you shall receive’, ‘show mercy and forgiveness and you will receive mercy and forgiveness’ or ‘if you lay down your life you will live’ – this is how the Kingdom of God operates. When we move towards God, He will move towards us. We need to trust God, submit to His Lordship and move with him and not hold on to what is comfortable or familiar to us – Abraham had to act by leaving his home in order to obtain the Promised Land and be a blessing to the countless generations which followed him. It could even be sin, being in a relationship with the wrong person, or a wrong attitude which God cannot bless, which is keeping us from receiving from God that which He wants to give to us. Sometimes it is necessary to complete the last thing God had given you to do before the next phase or move of God will come. It is important to get wisdom from God in doing the works of faith and move on with Him.