God is not the originator of tests and trials, but He allows us to go through them. He then turns them into something which He can use, by revealing things about ourselves to us – but that not in a negative sense. Tests are there to proof the things which you have learned by trial. The purpose and advantage of this is that one is to come out of the trial with a pure, powerful faith which will stand up to anything as well as being enabled to help others who are going through the same kind of trial. God is setting you up for success, to be glorified. Our response to- and application of the Word throughout the trials will be a revelation of the glory of God. The result flowing out of a test is firstly a proven faith, life and character. Secondly a pure life, thirdly a powerful life, fourthly a productive life and lastly a praised life where others will praise God for you and God will then praise you. Having a lifestyle of doing healthy and Godly-righteous self-introspection and testing is a good way of avoiding trials in your life.