God delights in pleasing us with every good and perfect gift from Him. Our response to His goodness should be an intense desire to please Him, even throughout the hardest times in our lives as well as at the times where there is pressure from society to conform to some things which are not pleasing to God. We please God by: Sharing the Gospel with people. Approaching Him with faith – consistently seeking Him and believing under every circumstance that He is everything which He says He is. Being spiritually minded – having a mindset which is in accordance to God’s word and principles in everything (which is, in actual fact, the very best way to live). To Conduct your life with a healthy fear of- and respect for God – which is a motivation to avoid sin. Following Jesus, since He was always absolutely obedient to God, pleasing Him, and being found in Christ, we are accepted in the beloved. Being obedient to God is pleasing to Him. Lastly He is pleased with the sacrifice of our lips, that is, our praise unto Him amidst every circumstance. We need to live right and always be consciously pleasing God because the pleasure of God comes back to us in the form of favour. Our continuance in pleasing God is extremely powerful.