In Genesis we see that the Spirit of God, with whom He had created man, left after the fall and that man was no longer immortal. After the fall the Spirit would come upon people for specific tasks or reasons and then leave again. In the book of Joel, he prophesied that God would pour out His Spirit on all flesh. Jesus, the last Adam, received the same Spirit of creation who now abided with Him and Jesus started healing His creation. We have received this same Spirit (the breath, the energy of God). He is the Spirit who knows the deep things and thoughts of God and reveals them to us. To walk in the Spirit we need to deeply know our identity as Sons of God, walk in love, be diligent to obey the promptings and guidance of the Holy Spirit and pray in the Spirit through tongues. This will produce the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. God has enabled us to have the default of walking in the Spirit by the indwelling Holy Spirit, but we have the choice, whether to follow Him, or the dictates of the flesh.