God wants us to be prosperous for the sake of the gospel and the kingdom. However, if the issue of prosperity and financial gain is not in a right and balanced place in someone’s life, it can become a snare. Godliness with contentment is of great gain. Discontent or mal-contentment can form a major base of being offended with God as well as people who seem to be more blessed than you – true contentment rejects envy. Contentment is not being indifferent to the suffering of others and tolerating wrong. It is not eradicating a desire from your own heart for change, upliftment, growth and financial prosperity, neither is it passivity, capitulation, fatalism, petulance and denial nor even resting in the status quo. Contentment is an inner heart attitude and an acceptance concerning God’s provision for you and also of the position where you find yourself at that moment of your life. Contentment is a settled disposition and heart-attitude of where you know that God’s gifts are sufficient and his assignments appropriate for your life and knowing that God is always propelling you forward and upward. True contentment avoids the love of money and grumbling, jealous comparison with others, whining and complaining. Get wisdom from God for good stewardship and to manage your finances. We need to be deeply grateful, while simultaneously having a godly dissatisfaction, groaning and travailing, knowing and understanding your upward calling and God’s good plan for you and His expected end for your life. Walk with God – He is your true contentment.