God has got a plan for this planet and we are not stumbling along at the whim of people who are manipulating the system for their own gain. Morning is preceded by the night, a period of darkness, which can perceived as a lack of God’s presence, the lack of opportunity, a time of no word and revelation from God and of demonic activity – sin and iniquity abounding. However, God is bringing a joyful new day or morning, which speaks of a new set of activities, a time of new opportunities – a time of His favour which will last for a lifetime. Morning is God’s time to start something new, a time for fresh vision, new spiritual commitment, and the occurrence of special events. Morning by morning He dispenses His judgment, positive towards the righteous and negative towards the unrighteous and wicked. God sends out His vindicating word every morning and we need to position ourselves in the day of our trouble, in a sense rising early in the morning, responding with worship and prayer and looking unto Him instead of being negative. That is the way to hear from God about new opportunities and provision. It is a new day for spiritual insight and growth. God is creating something new in the earth now and we need to be aware of it. There is coming a morning when all unrighteousness in the earth will be reversed, because God is not mocked.