The things of faith and spirit are always invisible, but God speaks about them long before it happens. God always takes the initiative and makes the first move towards bringing new things to pass, as He is doing now. Our response to God’s initiative is faith – cause and effect. Looking at it in escalating order, the first component of our faith is to trust the Lord (move the weight of your dependence onto Him), doing good and being fed by Him. The second component of our faith is to delight ourselves in the Lord and get to know Him better in a tender relationship and see your heart’s desires met. The third component is to commit (rolling over) your way unto the Lord – seeking His ways, not your own, in order to find fulfilment. The fourth component is resting (being silent, not complaining and fretting) in the Lord, acknowledging His greatness and see Him act on your behalf. The fifth response is to stop reacting wrongly (anger, despondency) to circumstances and rather respond with faith and reaching for an infilling of more of the Lord. All these points are counted as meekness – which will result in us inheriting the earth. We will see God responding to our response by encouraging us to go for the Kingdom.