Because of the nationwide lockdown which came through the COVID-19 virus, there was no business done, jobs were lost and a lack of finance coming into households. This is also a time of sickness and hopelessness, causing fear, doubt and destruction. The solution to all of this is to know our awesome God and to have a deep realization of everything which Jesus did for us on the cross. We need to connect to God in this troublesome time to turn this mountain into a molehill. For that to happen we need to have a persistent, persevering, determined faith in God’s nature and who He is. There is no giving up on persistently and desperately seeking and calling out to God when circumstances try to shut us up. God is moved when He sees this faith in you, because your persistence is a sign that you know who God is. Tenacious faith does not happen by chance. Faith comes through hearing the Word and trusting God and totally surrendering to Him is a conscious decision. Faith is where risk, trust and obedience are involved. Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible. God loves us, and He has got us, although we do not always see it.