In Genesis we see that God was a gardener, having planted the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve would fellowship with God in the cool of the evening, eating from the Tree of Life (God) – Hs Words which had seed inside – and that is why they were then in the nature and character of God. When they ate the words of satan (words containing the seed of death), they were no longer the seed of God but of satan, and that is why Jesus called the Pharisees the seed of the serpent or children of satan. In the Garden of Eden, the fig tree was a picture or parable of fruitless man-made religion. The symbol of Israel in the Bible is an olive tree. Jesus was the Tree of Life. He went to the garden of Gethsemane to pray before He was crucified. Gethsemane means ‘an olive press’ and that is where the pressing of Jesus had begun, so that the oil could flow, enabling his anointed ones to come forth. On the resurrection morning, Jesus did not deny it when Mary thought that He was the gardener, but told her not to touch Him, because His blood had to be presented to the Father – after that the Tree of Life could be touched – the way into the garden and the Tree of Life having been opened. In the Book of Revelation we see that from the throne of God and the Lamb there is a river flowing, which is the river of life (the highway of holiness). There is the garden restored, because there is a nurturing gardener. We have the right to eat from the Tree of Life – Jesus – because we have believed and overcame. That also makes us trees of life. We are the planting, the well-watered garden of the Lord, being husbanded, blessed and restored by Him. Jesus broke sin’s curse of thorns and thistles upon the earth and the curse upon man having to earn a living by the sweat of your brow, by wearing a crown of thorns upon his head so that we may be blessed and in our turn, release the planet from the curse of poverty and sickness. We have the fruit of lips (our words) which contain the seed-word of God and it will produce supernatural results. God is at present opening up the garden, which is the Church, pruning her, because He wants fruit, more fruit and much fruit. That is for His glory, our good and towards the benefit to the whole world which needs our light and fruit.